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You probably get the general idea behind maintenance agreements — your HVAC system is a hard working machine that needs regular checkups just like your car and you want to protect your investment. If you’re still undecided if the annual expense is worth it, here are the tangible benefits and how they will save you money in the long term.

You can’t see your ducts unless you go up in your attic, and even then, most of your ductwork is hidden behind insulation. You may trust that your ducts are fine as long as you can feel air coming out of your vents, but did you know that undetected duct problems can reduce your HVAC system’s performance by up to 30 percent? Ducts often develop leaks over time, and when they do, you’re essentially paying to heat or cool your attic as well as reducing your indoor air quality.

Choosing between a gas, oil or electric system is just one of multiple decisions that you need to make when considering which type of heating is best for your home in Sunset, LA. A full evaluation includes a close look at the energy efficiency ratings and service life for each model as well as the system’s upfront cost. Your family’s comfort and safety are bound to be primary considerations as well. While each type of heater has its own advantages and disadvantages, the choice between a gas, oil or electric heater matters most when it comes to your monthly utility bills.

If you are nearing the time for a furnace replacement, you will appreciate the variety of equipment choices available today. As you invest in new equipment, efficiency and affordability may be your top priorities. A balance between the two issues can be struck as you examine new systems. At the same time, you will want to consider alternatives and supplemental equipment options that can provide more comprehensive home heating solutions.

It takes more than selecting the right HVAC product to keep your Carencro, LA, home or business comfortable in every season. To ensure that you enjoy the best performance and the highest energy efficiency, the entire system must be installed and maintained with professional care. One of the most difficult components of central air conditioning and heating systems to get right is the ductwork. An improper air balance in the hidden network of air ducts that runs through your structure can cause undue wear and tear of the HVAC equipment, impact your comfort and send your energy bills soaring. Professional air balancing services help make sure that you enjoy the best performance from your heating and cooling systems.

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