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How to Balance the Airflow in Your Home the Right Way

When a house has balanced airflow, that means every room receives the right amount of air in order to ensure that it remains at an ideal temperature throughout the year. Along with keeping members of the household comfortable, correctly balanced airflow has the dual bonus of improving energy efficiency and reducing utility spending.

Optimizing Your HVAC System to Balance Airflow

The concept of balancing a house’s airflow is simple, but the application is full of minute details. For instance, HVAC equipment allows air to flow through ducts. In order to adjust the amount of air being released into a room at any given time, you need to locate the dampers inside your ducts and close or open them as needed. If finding the dampers proves difficult, adjusting your wall and register vent openings can also help balance a home’s airflow. To ensure that you are achieving the best balance of airflow in your home, getting your ducts checked by a heating contractor is recommended.

Annual Heating Repair to Balance Your Home’s Airflow

If rooms in your home remain too cold or hot no matter how many times you adjust the ducts and vents, it is probably time to call a licensed HVAC contractor to see if you could benefit from air conditioning and heating repair or adjustments. While it is good practice to have your HVAC system examined annually, sometimes problems do crop up unexpectedly. Not all issues involve replacing an entire heating or air conditioning system, however. Some solutions are as simple as redirecting the flow of cold or hot air from one room to another. Not only does this keep a home’s occupants comfortable during all types of weather, but it also prolongs the life of HVAC equipment. This is because homeowners attempting to compensate for poor or unbalanced airflow will often run heating and air conditioning units for greater periods of time, wearing them out more quickly than otherwise necessary.

Getting an Air Diagnostic to Balance Your Home’s Airflow

Adjusting the airflow in your home to achieve the maximum balance possible first involves performing multiple tests to get an idea of what is going on. A licensed contractor will perform an air diagnostic to see how well your HVAC system is functioning as a whole. During this series of tests, technicians measure the temperature, pressure, and humidity of the air emanating from all vents in your home. They will also search for other potential problems such as dirty filters, leaky ducts, or anything else that could feasibly be obstructing airflow throughout the house. This allows contractors to see the big picture and determine precisely how to fine-tune your HVAC equipment to ensure balanced airflow and maximum indoor comfort. The process could involve adding, removing, or changing the size of current vents and ducts in your home.

To learn more about how to balance the airflow in your home, check out Lee’s Air Conditioning Co.’s air balancing solutions or call (337) 232-5337.



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