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4 Things to Do Before Turning On Your Heating System

There are numerous fall activities to consider, many addressed at preparing for the winter chill. As the transition to cold weather occurs, you may dread the increase in your home energy bills. It is important to plan for your HVAC system’s operation by doing a bit of winterizing now. Following are four important tasks to complete before you turn that system on for the first time, helpful for ensuring maximum comfort and minimum energy use.

Change Your Air Filter

Energy experts note that a dirty air filter can affect airflow and cause your heating system to work harder than necessary. You should begin the heating season with a clean filter, and you should be sure to check at least once per month to verify that a change isn’t needed. A minimum of one filter change per three months is recommended, but monthly changes are ideal if you are experiencing heavy usage due to severe temperature drops.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Your HVAC system is subject to wear and tear from the time it is first operated. Worn and dirty parts can decrease the efficiency of your equipment, making regular tune-ups important for counteracting these normal effects. A heating tune-up should be scheduled in the fall so that your technician can:

  • Check for parts in need of replacement, repair, or cleaning.
  • Lubricate moving parts.
  • Test electronic components and thermostat function.
  • Inspect emission-related equipment.
  • Evaluate airflow issues.

As your equipment is inspected, your technician may recommend repairs that could limit your risk of later emergency heating repairs. Maintenance often reduces the potential for system malfunctions. It can also extend the life of your equipment and improve its efficiency, resulting in more affordable home comfort control.

Seal Leaks and Check Attic Insulation

The operation of your heating equipment can be affected by energy loss issues in your home. Leaks at windows, doors, and in your ducts can be important areas to consider as you endeavor to optimize your home for maximum comfort. Sealing doors and windows can be done as a DIY project with minimal costs. You may also want to schedule duct sealing services if your technician makes that recommendation at the time of your heating maintenance. Attic insulation can also be supplemented if you are lacking an ample level. A quick check of the need can be done by noting whether the floor joists are visible in the attic. Visible joists mean that more insulation is appropriate.

Program Your Thermostat

By having your thermostat set and ready for the winter months, you can turn your heating system on without having to worry about erratic changes and unexpectedly high energy bills. According to the EPA, a68-degree setting while you are at home can save an average of nearly $60.00 per month in energy costs. ENERGY STAR recommends the use of programming changes based on your waking and sleep times as well as times of activity or inactivity in your home.

If you are in need of heating repairs or maintenance, contact Lee’s Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment. We are also available to assist in addressing heating efficiency concerns in your home this 



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