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Benefits of Preventive Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance

The benefits of preventive maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor for your home’s HVAC system are worth every penny. With a preventive maintenance plan or regular seasonal tune-ups, you keep your unit operating efficiently for energy savings, enjoy better indoor comfort, avoid potential repairs and add years of longevity to the unit’s life cycle. Regular maintenance service is the most cost-effective solution for keeping your HVAC system running in good condition and operating at its peak performance.

What is Heat Pump Maintenance?

Whether for a scheduled tune-up or service visit for maintenance under a plan, HVAC technicians perform a long checklist of tasks for your heat pump. Here’s what you can expect:
Check of the ducts for loose joints and seals
Inspection and cleaning of blower and indoor coils for dirt and debris
Check for refrigerant leaks, measure the refrigerant charge and adjust if needed
Check belts for wear and tighten loose belts
Clean and tighten electrical connections
Check on the electrical controls to ensure heat is locked out when thermostat is set for cooling and reverse
Measure for optimum airflow to the unit
Lubrication of moving parts to prevent friction
Inspect and adjust the thermostat for accuracy
Heat pump maintenance doesn’t’ end with a professional tune-up or maintenance service visits. There are several things you should do yourself to maintain your unit’s efficiency and extend its operating lifespan. Inspect and change the air filter on a monthly basis. Dirty air filters will impede airflow and make the heat pump work harder. This will cause higher utility bills along with more wear and tear on the system. You can also clean the outdoor coil regularly to prevent dirt from building up. Keeping the outdoor unit free of debris and keeping the supply registers free of obstructions are also important.
What’s Done During a Furnace Tune-Up?

Just like for a heat pump, HVAC technicians also have a long checkpoint list of items to inspect, adjust and test during a tune-up. Here’s a list of some of the tasks performed:
Cleaning of the blower assembly, burners and heat exchanger
Tests for levels of combustion gases
Inspection of the starting and ignition system
Lubrication of moving parts
Check on airflow, electrical wires and safety controls
Test of the thermostat for proper calibration
HVAC Services and Products at Lee’s Air Conditioning in Scott, LA

At Lee’s Air Conditioning, we offer both affordable seasonal tune-ups and preventive service plans to keep your home’s HVAC system running in good condition. Our service plans include 10 percent off on all parts, priority service, up to 2 pounds of Freon, two visits per year and a $50 dollar credit with the purchase of any new system. In addition, we carry and install a wide array of HVAC systems from leading brands, such as furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and hybrid systems. If you’re ready to upgrade with a new unit, be sure to give us a call.



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