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3 Reasons To Clean Your AC This Spring

Still deciding if you want to jump into spring cleaning? Already did your spring cleaning, but forgot your HVAC unit? Check out this month’s blog post for three reasons that will motivate you to clean your AC this spring!

Every spring, families across the country take part in the tradition of spring cleaning; “Out with the old and in with the new” is the goal for many. Yet, one part of that tradition that is often neglected is the family’s HVAC system. Even though it may not be on the forefront of your mind or the centerpiece of your home, your HVAC system is incredibly vital to your standard of living. This is especially true with spring in the air and summer on the way.

In this month’s blog post, we will discuss the main reasons why having your HVAC checked and cleaned every spring is important by highlighting the main benefits. After you read this post, you will see why a clean HVAC is so important and why spring is the perfect time to do it.



Millions of Americans suffer from allergies every year. Dust, mold, pollen, and other allergens flow freely through the air in and out of your home. Air filters do their part but are only capable of so much protection from allergens. In order to breathe fresh, allergen-free air in your home, you must have your system cleaned. If you haven’t cleaned your system or your ductwork in years, you can expect dust and dirt to be in abundance. By simply cleaning your indoor and outdoor units as well as your ductwork, you can instantly upgrade the quality of air inside your home.

Even though there are no scientific studies proving contaminated air can have really harmful effects on you and your family’s health, preexisting respiratory issues like asthma can have amplified symptoms. Additionally, there is the fact that spring provides an abundance of allergens and particles that can lead to constant sneezing, sniffling, and sinus headaches. So, if you were ever going to consider upgrading the air in your home, now is the time!

Once your HVAC system is clean, it is important to keep it that way. Consider investing in Indoor Air Quality products to maintain the level of quality air in your home.



A clogged HVAC is incapable of operating at the proper level of efficiency. Layers of dust and dirt clog your system’s airways and inhibit its ability to function efficiently. Keeping your unit clean boosts its performance and maximizes its potential, which directly translates into dollars saved on your energy bill. About 48% of the energy you use is dedicated to home heating and cooling systems, and you can reduce the energy your AC uses by up to 50% by taking action!

Saving money on your monthly bill is important, but cleaning your unit regularly saves you from unforeseen costs down the road as well. By cleaning your unit, you enhance its overall performance and limit unnecessary strain. The strain on your unit could build up over time and lead to costly repairs that could have been easily avoided. Even though you may not see it now, maintaining your unit’s long-term health is as important as anything you may do with your HVAC system.


Summer Is Coming

Now more than ever, it is important to be ready for summer. With increased AC usage during summer months and record highs seemingly occurring every year, you need your AC working at maximum capacity to meet your needs. The best way to be prepared for summer is to optimize your AC in the spring.

Getting a checkup and cleaning your unit is not only about making sure your unit works efficiently, but also it is about preventing worst-case scenarios. A checkup can be the difference between having your unit shut down and having a unit that operates efficiently through the summer weather. If your AC breaks down during a summer heat wave, you could be caught in a dangerous situation. It’s important to take steps to prevent this from happening.


Prepare For Summer With Lee’s AC

Having your air conditioner checked and cleaned before summer rolls in is important and highly beneficial. Reducing allergens and energy bills while increasing performance and comfort is a win-win for the customer. Avoiding a complete breakdown or a costly repair is also extremely important during the summer months. In order to achieve any of this, you must have your air conditioner checked and cleaned.

Lee’s Air Conditioning is dedicated to keeping Lafayette residents cool during the summer. We understand how hot it can be and how the humidity here makes our summers unlike any other. Contact us today so that we can make sure you are ready for the upcoming summer heat.



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