Tips, Tricks & Insights About HVAC

Debunking Common HVAC Myths

There are common myths going around about HVAC that simply aren’t true, so we thought our we’d set the record straight. As Acadiana's HVAC experts, customers often ask us to debunk these myths that they've heard before. Read through this list and let us know if any of them surprise you! Remember to contact us with any other questions you may have about your unit.

1. "You should turn your AC unit completely off whenever you leave your home."


There has always been a great debate about whether or not it is more cost effective to leave your AC on a higher temperature when you’re gone or turn it completely off. The reality is that even though your AC is set to a steady temperature, your unit is still running. Research shows that turning your unit completely off when you’re gone is more cost effective, even when considering the energy used to turn the unit back on.


2. "You should change your air filter about once a year."


Different family dynamics have different air conditioning needs. Some people have more dander and dust entering the filter, meaning it should be changed more often. Pets can also require a more frequent filter change. However, no filter should go 12 months without being changed. An average home with pets should change their filter every 2 months. No pets? You can probably go 3 months without worrying about your filter.


3. "Routine Maintenance is expensive and unnecessary."


If you live near Lafayette, Louisiana, your air conditioner likely operates over 2,000 hours per year. If you drove your car that long, you would go 100,000 miles! You wouldn’t drive your car that many miles without going for an oil change or maintenance check, right? HVAC maintenance should be treated the same!


4. "Closing vents in empty rooms will increase energy efficiency."


If you have a modern, forced-air HVAC system, the pressure load is balanced throughout the house. Blocking the vent will impact how the system takes in and lets out air. This can throw the system off balance, causing it to work harder or possibly break down.


5. "Fans lower the temperature in the room."

FALSE (Kind of)

Did you know that fans don't actually cool air, they just move it around? HVAC units cool the air and a ceiling fan allows you to blow that cool air in a direction. We recommend using ceiling fans when you're in a room, but turn them off to save electricity when you leave.



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