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Everything You Need to Know About Programmable Thermostats

Living in Lafayette has its perks, but along with the high temperatures comes even higher air conditioning bills. As Acadiana’s HVAC experts, we highly suggest investing in a programmable thermostat as a way to keep your house cool without putting a dent in your checkbook.

What is a programmable thermostat?

A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in your house based on programmed air conditioning settings. Because they are electronic, these thermostats are much more accurate and efficient than your typical thermostats. With programmable settings, you can decide what temperature you would like your house to be at and at what time of the day with just the push of a button. By setting a schedule for your heating and cooling system, you can avoid wasting energy (and dollars) while you’re out of the house.

“How do I know which one is right for my home?”

No matter what type of schedule you may have, there is a system for you here at Lee’s! When selecting a programmable thermostat, we have several different models to choose from that allow your system to cater to you and your needs. You can pick from 3 different models - 7 day,  5 + 2, or 5 + 1 + 1 - to better fit your schedule.

  • The 7-day model allows you to program every day of the week, Monday-Sunday, independently.
  • The 5 + 2 version enables you to program the same features for Monday to Friday and modify those settings for the weekends.
  • The 5 + 1 + 1 thermostat is very similar to the 5 + 2 in that you have the option to have one setting for the weekdays, but you are able to change the schedules separately for Saturday and Sunday.

What features can I expect with this product?

Along with the different models, programmable thermostats have several different features that you should consider when selecting the right one for your household! Here are some of the features you can choose from at Lee’s:

  • Vacation/hold settings: Going on a week-long vacation where no one will be home? No problem! With the push of a button, you can adjust the temperature settings while you’re away and readjust them back to normal as soon as you return.
  • Wi-Fi enabled: Start cooling or heating your home on your way back to make sure the house is at the perfect temperature when you arrive by using the Wi-Fi-enabled feature that allows you to use your phone or computer to adjust temperature settings from seven to ten miles away.
  • System alert capabilities:  By alerting you when there is an issue with your system or notifying you when you need to change your filter, the system alert capabilities of a programmable thermostat make it easier for you, the user, to identify the source of the problem when something isn’t quite right with your heating or cooling system.
  • Auto changeover: This feature is perfect for those chilly mornings and hot afternoons that Lafayette residents are all too familiar with. With auto changeover, your thermostat will adjust the temperature settings inside your home based on the temperature outside.
  • Full memory save: Has the power ever gone out and your system completely resets itself? Make sure this is not the case next time with the full memory save feature that allows your previously set schedule to remain unchanged and intact.  

Programmable thermostats offer a way to save money without sacrificing comfort in your home. If you want a cooler home with an ever cooler AC bill, give Lee’s a call today to schedule an appointment to install yours!



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