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How to Protect Your HVAC System During Storms and Hurricanes

When it comes to hurricanes, the storm paths are as unpredictable as the damage they may bring. Even though we can’t control the weather, we can prepare our homes (and HVAC systems) to minimize damages. Investing time now to make sure that your home and HVAC system are prepared for hurricane season will pay off later while you are stuck inside during the storm. In addition to sealing up your house, make sure to keep a stockpile of the necessities, such as water, food, batteries, etc. At Lee’s, we care about our customers. We created a checklist for you to use for your HVAC system when preparing your home for this hurricane season, as well as for any future storms.  

Pre-hurricane season preparation:

Be sure to have a supply of plywood, tarps, and safety straps to secure any large outdoor equipment (such as your HVAC system or large outdoor furniture pieces) that cannot be moved under or into a covered area. Covering your unit is ideal when high rain levels are expected due to the fact that the water could potentially flood out your system. Many units often have the capability to attach hurricane straps for added protection. Prior to attaching the straps, make sure that the hooks show no signs of corrosion or wear, especially if your system is on an elevated platform. Units lifted off the ground are more likely to be picked up by heavy winds. After securing your items, make sure to pick up any loose objects that could be picked up by high wind speeds. By doing this, you can better protect your home (and your neighbor’s home) from unnecessary damages.

Prior to the storm:

If a storm is coming in your direction, turn off your system before the weather begins. If you have a window unit, unplug it from the wall, remove the unit and ducts from the window, and seal the opening. If you decide to turn your unit off, we recommend cooling the inside of your home as much as possible before shutting it down since it will not be running during the storm.

Power surges are also a potential hazard during storms, so we recommend turning off all breakers that may lead to your unit to prevent additional damage. Because power surges come from lightning strikes, as well as downed power lines, it is best to unplug any electronic device you may have plugged into further prevent possible power surges. Consider installing point-of-entry surge protectors in your home.

When the storm passes:

Before you turn your system back on, do a full inspection of your unit, or simply call your HVAC experts at Lee’s to do it for you! Check the outside of the system for any damage and inspect the inside for any debris that may have gotten in the unit. One of the most important things to look for is any loose or disconnected electrical wires. If the unit appears to be in good condition and not surrounded by any puddles of water, feel free to turn your unit back on. If you are in doubt about the condition of your HVAC, contact a certified technician for further help. Doing so can prevent costly damages and may even protect wildlife that used your unit for protection when weathering the storm.  

When it comes to storms in Louisiana, you can never be too prepared! For more expert information about preparing your HVAC system for the hurricane season, or any other home comfort questions, contact Lee’s AC today. We have been proudly providing professional service and hurricane protection tips to the Lafayette area for over 20 years!



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