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After endless days of cooler temperatures, we are finally getting glimpses of spring. Spring is a time of rebirth, regrowth, rejuvenation, and renewal; however along with rejuvenation comes spring cleaning. When you start cleaning your home and preparing for the season, it’s time to give your HVAC unit seasonal maintenance. Seasonal maintenance is crucial for keeping your home air conditioning unit up and running all year long. Here are four key ways that you can maintain a healthy HVAC unit year-round for maximum comfort.

Four Key Steps:

Step 1: Replace your air filter

All central heat and air units have a filter that needs to be replaced every month. Having a clean air filter allows the HVAC unit to work more efficiently and provides cleaner air. Lee’s TemperaturePro can provide you with a filter that only needs to be change every six months – saving you time and providing cleaner air, call for details.

Step 2: Clean your air vents

Air vents get clogged over time due to dust and debris. Make sure to go to each air vent and clean around them. Make sure that mold hasn’t grown around your HVAC unit and that nothing is blocking your airways.

Step 3: Clear the outside area

Go to your HVAC system outside and make sure that the area around the unit is clear. For example, if there is vegetation growing around your HVAC unit, make sure to trim it. Occasionally, branches will fall on the unit causing the fans to get stuck or to get damaged.

Step 4: Schedule a tune up

Overall, If you keep up with regular maintenance, there won’t be a need for a new HVAC installation, each and every year. Need some help maintaining your HVAC system? Lee’s TemperaturePro can help! Our HVAC contractors pride themselves on helping families receive the best service in Lafayette, LA.

For any more advice, questions, or concerns that you may have regarding HVAC maintenance and repair, give Lee’s TemperaturePro a call at 337-232-5337 or contact us online. We look forward to working with you!

Do you ever find yourself in a room and it’s just perfect. It’s not too cold or too hot - it’s the way you like it. Yet, as soon as you walk into the kitchen, it’s freezing cold, so you go to your bedroom to grab a blanket, but somehow it feels as if you’ve entered a scorching hot desert. What’s happening? It may mean that  you need to balance your air conditioning. Balancing an air conditioning system might seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry - the HVAC contractors at Lee’s TemperaturePro have you covered. We make balancing airflow in houses simple with 6 easy steps.

6 Steps to Balancing Airflow in the House

  1. Draw a map of your house. Draw a map of your house so you can take notes on how the temperature and pressure feels for each room. Note changes in temperature and in pressure.
  1. Head to your HVAC unit. Head to your HVAC unit and follow all the air vents to their perspective rooms.
  1. Place thermometers in each room. After you have drawn a map, go ahead and place a thermometer in each room so that you can physically measure the output of each air vent.
  1. Find the Dampers in each vent. Dampers are what control the airflow of the HVAC unit. In order to reach them, you will have to unscrew some vents. Once you do, you can adjust them to where air is flowing the way you want it.
  1. Adjust each vent. Once you have adjusted each damper follow each vent and check for imbalances one more time. Check to see if there is any debris (dust, mold, furniture, toys, etc.) covering the vents.
  1. Enjoy your hard work. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable house without the worry of cold spots or pressure imbalances.

Why Is Balancing Airflow Important?

  1. It’s Important For Your Health. When we breathe, we all want to breathe in clean and fresh air. Air that sharpens our minds and boosts our mood.  Research has shown that the better air quality we breathe in, the better our overall health. Good air quality has shown to improve heart and blood pressure, since the air we breathe affects the cardiovascular system.
  2. It Can Help You Save Money. Having an unbalanced heating and cooling unit will cause it to work twice as hard. Over time, your HVAC unit loses its efficiency through clogged airways and wear and tear.  By balancing airflow in your home, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit and, in effect, decrease your electric bill.

Lee’s TemperaturePro Can Help

Do you need help balancing airflow in your home? Maybe you need an HVAC installation or preventative maintenance. Whatever your HVAC need, the HVAC contractors at Lee’s TemperaturePro can help! Call 337-232-5337 today or request an appointment online.

It’s that time of year when you need to make sure the heat in your home is up to par. No one wants to be stuck with a frigid home during the coldest months of the year! If your heater isn’t working properly, then looking into the right heating service and maintenance may be just what you need. Not sure where to start? The trusted hvac contractors at Lee’s TemperaturePro can help with all your heating needs.

Heater Installation

Lee’s has several trusted heated systems to consider - like heat pumps and gas furnaces - that have a long lifespan. However, all good things must come to an end, and once your heat pump is worn, it’s time for a replacement. No one wants to have a heater fail on them halfway through the winter. Lee’s can help install the heater that best fits your home.

Heater repairs

We have a full staff of NATE- certified technicians that are trained to notice any parts of your heater that may be worn out. If an issue occurs, they quickly take action and repair what’s needed to get your heating system back into working order.

Heater Service & Maintenance

It is very important to keep your gas pumps and gas furnaces regularly maintained to ensure long-term reliability. Heating units can be complex, but with regular inspections, we can detect any potential problems.

Contact Us

Is your heater winter-ready? Ask us about our Winter Inspection Special to see if your home is prepared for the cool weather ahead. For heater maintenance, repairs, or installations, call the hvac contractors at Lee’s TemperaturePro! We’ll be happy to help.

You keep getting phone calls from every heating and cooling company in the game, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. One has cheap prices, but you've heard their quality isn’t that good. The others are really great quality, but their prices just don’t fit your budget. If you hire a national brand, you’ll have to call their busy hotline and wait for someone to help you - only to be scheduled 3 months from now.You don’t really need that kind of added stress, do you? Especially when all you were trying to do was have balanced airflow in the house.

Having an unbalanced HVAC unit can be frustrating. Just check out these 5 woes of having an unbalanced HVAC system inside your home and how to avoid them.

1) Energy Waste

If you have an unbalanced airflow, your HVAC system is working twice - if not five times - harder than it should be just to keep the room temperature the way you like it. So much energy is being wasted. The electricity bill is skyrocketing, which could easily be avoided. It’s not your fault though, so don’t feel guilty. Over time air conditioning units lose their efficiency, so it is crucial that you keep up to date with maintenance.

2) Temperature Imbalance

Having an unbalanced HVAC system can lead to having hot and cold spots throughout your house. This means that heating and cooling temperatures can be drastically different from room to room. It could get scorching hot with degrees reaching up to 80 and above, yet the room next door is freezing cold. That, my friend, is why you need to balance airflow throughout your home.

3) Debris & Contaminants

Debris in your HVAC system is collected throughout your home, and eventually, it builds up to the point to where it blocks whole airway passages. Having your air conditioning system covered with debris and contaminants is extremely unhealthy. You’re unconsciously breathing in contaminants that can lead to health issues down the road. To avoid this, it’s to clean your unit at least once a month.

4) Unbalanced Air Pressure

Are doors slamming out of nowhere? Maybe you hear strange whistling noises at night. Hold your horses - it might not be the paranormal at work. It could just mean that your HVAC unit has unbalanced air pressure throughout the house. This is why we recommend balancing your air conditioning pressure each month. It will save you from buying a whole new HVAC unit.

5) Fan Issues

It may be time to get a new fan. The fan inside might be getting rusty or even worse - broken. Your fan may also have obstacles stuck inside it, preventing it from reaching its full potential. This may be causing the inconsistent poor airflow throughout the registers.

Choose Lee’s TemperaturePro For Air Balancing

Lee’s TemperaturePro is a reputable company in Lafayette, LA  that has been taking care of people all over Lafayette, Louisiana. Contact our team to keep your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency with air balancing services.

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