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Programmable thermostats might not seem too exciting, but saving money definitely is. With recommended temperature settings, a digital thermostat can cut your energy bills by 10 percent a year. Programmable controls have been around for several decades, but 60 percent of homes still use non-programmable models. Whether or not you’re replacing your central HVAC system, now is the perfect time to upgrade your thermostat. Here are several options that will increase your home’s energy efficiency and help you reap the savings all year.

Indoor air quality is becoming a more serious concern as awareness is raised by entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, which provides information about helpful IAQ solutions for the home environment. The first step for many homeowners is testing the indoor environment for pollutants and problems, which can be provided by an HVAC contractor.

Louisiana’s per-capita energy consumption is the second greatest among all states in the nation, and household heating and cooling are leading areas in which residents contribute to this level of consumption. High energy use translates into high energy costs for you as a homeowner, which makes proper balance an important concern. Air balancing of your HVAC system is typically completed when new equipment is installed to ensure that all areas of your home are heated and cooled efficiently and consistently. However, it’s easy to upset that balance over time, making it important to consider re-balancing from time to time.

Although Lafayette, Louisiana, doesn’t experience the cold winters that the northern states do – a benefit of living in the southern U.S. – it does get chilly enough to periodically turn on your heating system. To ensure your heating system is working efficiently and effectively, keep these three winter heating tips in mind.

When it comes to home comfort in Southwest Louisiana, no residential appliance is more important than a well-operating air conditioner. No matter how hot and sticky it gets outside, you count on your cooling system to keep everyone in your household cool, dry and comfortable. This year’s record-breaking heat has been particularly taxing on the region’s hard-working AC systems, but these three tips can help ensure that your air conditioner keeps going strong for the rest of the season.



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