Carrier Infinity® 24VNA9 19VS

Central Air Conditioner 19 SEER

Infinity® 24VNA9 19VS Central Air Conditioner

Premium Energy Savings & Reliable Comfort

The 24VNA9 has a 5 stage compressor, allowing for the best level of comfort for your home. Its lower speeds makes for a quiet system without compromising efficiency.

Manages home comfort based on conditions such as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, humidity levels, thermostat settings and more.
Up to 19 SEER
56 decibel sound level

Product Features

  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Up to 19 SEER
  • Silencer System II™ (as low as 56 dB sound level)
  • Five-stage variable-speed compressor
  • WeatherArmor™ Ultra cabinet protection
  • Infinity® system control
  • Durable galvanized steel cabinet

Product Benefits

  • High reliability and quality
  • Energy efficient and quiet circulation (>50% quieter than competitor)
  • Ability to make even small adjustments smooth
  • Humidity control

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