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The summer weather in Southwest Louisiana is hot and humid, which is why the indoor cooling load in our area is so extreme. In Scott, LA, air conditioning is a necessity, and electricity bills are usually very high. For many homeowners, the cost of running an air conditioner can account for as much as 60 percent of the total power consumed during the summer months. Whether your focus is on reducing monthly utility bills or lowering your family’s environmental impact, slightly altering your daily living habits can make your home more comfortable, healthy and fuel efficient.

You may be concerned with hot spots in part of your home as you operate your air conditioning equipment. While the mechanical equipment may be working correctly, the delivery system could be a source of inconsistent comfort control, especially if there are leaks or other signs of damage in your ducts. If you have noticed inconsistent performance throughout your home, especially inconsistencies in temperatures, then air conditioner balancing may prove helpful for improving your home’s comfort levels.

You probably get the general idea behind maintenance agreements — your HVAC system is a hard working machine that needs regular checkups just like your car and you want to protect your investment. If you’re still undecided if the annual expense is worth it, here are the tangible benefits and how they will save you money in the long term.

Americans spend most of their time indoors and the bulk of that indoor time at home, which means most of the air we breathe every day is the air in our own houses. Promoting great indoor air quality in your house can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Conversely, letting indoor air pollution run rampant will make it tough to breathe. Here are a few ways to address air pollution in your home.

You can’t see your ducts unless you go up in your attic, and even then, most of your ductwork is hidden behind insulation. You may trust that your ducts are fine as long as you can feel air coming out of your vents, but did you know that undetected duct problems can reduce your HVAC system’s performance by up to 30 percent? Ducts often develop leaks over time, and when they do, you’re essentially paying to heat or cool your attic as well as reducing your indoor air quality.

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