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Looking for AC repair near Lafayette? Look no further than the experts at Lee’s Air Conditioning! We provide professional, trustworthy AC repair services to Lafayette and nearby areas of Louisiana.

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In Lafayette, Louisiana and the surrounding communities, a functional, efficient air conditioning system is critical to maintaining your indoor comfort and keeping your energy bills as low as possible.

When your cooling units begin to fail or falter entirely, your health and safety are at risk on the hottest days of the Louisiana summer – especially for young children and the elderly. This is why it’s important to know which Lafayette AC repair service provider you can count on.

At Lee’s, our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable in your home or business. When your AC system begins to malfunction, you can rely on the Lafayette AC repair experts at Lee’s to bring your air conditioner back to healthy working conditions.

Give the AC repair experts at Lee’s a call as soon as you notice something wrong with your AC in order to prevent cascading problems that can escalate to expensive repairs.

When Do You Need AC Repair?

There are many reasons you could be in need of AC repair services – from damaged parts to dirty filters. That’s why we recommend calling a trusted AC repair company as soon as you notice a problem. The sooner you call for AC repair help, the less likely your problems are to worsen.

If you experience any of the symptoms below, please call the Lafayette AC repair experts at Lee’s and we’ll send one of our experienced HVAC technicians out to diagnose the issue with your HVAC system.

Here are a few signs and indicators that your AC system requires repair from the certified Lafayette AC repair professionals:

  • Weird noises coming from the AC unit
  • Utility bills that seem to keep increasing month over month
  • Unit is over 10 years old
  • The blower never turns off, keeps running no matter what
  • Your home doesn’t get cooler when the AC unit is turned on
Lee’s Air Conditioning technicians discussing AC repair.
Lafayette AC Repair at Lee's HVAC

Why is My AC Unit Turning On & Off?

If you’re calling for AC repair services because your air conditioner is turning on and off, it could be a sign that you need to clean or replace your filters. Dirty or clogged air filters can block the airflow in your home, causing your AC unit to overwork itself. 

 When your AC filters are blocked, your unit will have to work harder and may even short cycle. Short cycling is when your air conditioner turns on and off in quick bursts, without completing a cooling cycle. If left unnoticed, your air conditioning unit could stop working completely.

Ensuring that the air filters are clean is a crucial part of the AC repair process. Our expert AC repair technicians can help you find the right-sized air filter for your system.

My AC is Leaking Water or Freezing Up, What Do I Do?

A common reason that people need AC repair services is because their air conditioning unit is leaking or freezing up. It’s likely caused by one of the following symptoms:

  • Clogged condensate drain line
  • Damaged or rusted drain pan
  • Condensate pump is broken
  • Air filter is too dirty
  • Low refrigerant

If you try changing the air filter, and the problem persists, we recommend calling a professional for AC repair services before the issue becomes worse.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Why is My AC Making Noise?

Though air conditioners will make occasional noise as they complete a cooling cycle, they are typically pretty quiet when functioning properly. If your air conditioner is hissing, rattling, buzzing, or clicking, then it’s time to call a professional AC repair technician. 

There could be several causes, depending on the kind of noise your air conditioner is making. AC noises may be due to loose parts, refrigerant leaks, or a broken condenser fan. When your air conditioner starts making weird noises, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional AC repair company.

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“Floyd was awesome and provided a lot useful information. Although he was dispatched for a thermostat install, after listening to what was happening he quickly diagnosed the underlying problem. I would recommend him to anyone needing help with their system.” – R.H.

“We were so impressed with the care and generosity we were shown that we enrolled in their maintenance plan. We began to experience issues with our inside unit leaking so if course, we called them and they were here the next day. They offered to replace and repair the issue at no cost and suggested other equipment that would prevent it from happening in the future.

I will recommend Lee’s to anyone and everyone that I come in contact with needing cooling and heating work done in their home!” – J.V.

“Preston Walter came out to give an estimate for duct work. He was very professional, friendly, and most helpful in helping us navigate the process. Nice surprise to have someone of that caliber in our home.” – S.M.

Avoid the Need for AC Repair Services

The best way to avoid the need for AC repair services is by scheduling regular maintenance visits to ensure your air conditioner is functioning optimally. That’s why we created our Total Comfort Maintenance Plan.

Our air conditioner maintenance program is designed to bring you increased savings, enhanced performance, prolonged lifespan, and ultimately, peace of mind. With each visit, we’ll ensure that there are no leaks in your system, no broken parts, and that everything is going smoothly.

With regular maintenance visits, the air conditioning experts at Lee’s can help you keep your system running better for longer.

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