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The main reasons why you may decide to convert a furnace are to save money and for environmental friendliness. Switching from an oil or electric furnace to a natural gas furnace will save you more than 50 percent in energy bills. Much of the natural gas that Americans use is domestically produced, and prices have been stable for a long time. When burned, natural gas produces about 30 percent less carbon dioxide than oil and 45 percent less than the coal burned to make electricity. It also produces almost no airborne particulates and sulfur dioxide. By converting to natural gas, you’ll be contributing to less acid rain, smog and carbon emissions in the environment.

The benefits of preventive maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor for your home’s HVAC system are worth every penny. With a preventive maintenance plan or regular seasonal tune-ups, you keep your unit operating efficiently for energy savings, enjoy better indoor comfort, avoid potential repairs and add years of longevity to the unit’s life cycle. Regular maintenance service is the most cost-effective solution for keeping your HVAC system running in good condition and operating at its peak performance.

Can you feel that nip in the air? It’s getting chilly outside! If it’s time to replace the heat pump inside your Carencro, LA, home, consider upgrading to a water source heat pump. These systems offer many benefits to homeowners as well as the environment. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at Lee’s Air Conditioning Co explain how does a water source heat pump work and five reasons why you should upgrade to this type of a home comfort system.

Time is running out for homeowners in Sunset, LA, to take advantage of the energy efficient federal tax rebate available for HVAC upgrades. Known as the 25C federal tax credit, the program expires at the end of 2013, and it’s highly unlikely that the program will be extended for another year. Act fast, and you can claim up to a $500 credit on this year’s federal tax return when you purchase eligible products that improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. If you’ve been considering upgrading your heating or cooling system to enjoy a higher level of comfort in your Sunset, LA, home, there may never be a better time to install an HVAC system than now.

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