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How to Maintain Your Heating System Throughout Winter

Although local temperatures tend to be mild during the winter months, reliable heating during the season is important for optimum comfort conditions in your home. Unexpected cold fronts can create undue stress for a system that’s poorly maintained, often resulting in heating repairs and unexpected expenses. Following are some important steps to take in maintaining your HVAC system during the coming season in your Lafayette home.

Begin With Routine Heating Maintenance Service

The starting point for proper heating care is a routine inspection and tune-up. It’s important to have your heating maintenance completed prior to the operation of the system to ensure your equipment is safe and efficient. As noted by the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals, carbon monoxide poisoning can usually be prevented, but it accounts for more than 400 deaths in the U.S. each year.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends annual heating inspections as an important step in averting CO poisoning. Additionally, an inspection allows faulty parts to be identified and replaced so that your equipment operates properly. Efficient operation of your HVAC system during the winter depends on clean heat exchangers, correct operation of heat sensors, and proper dispersal of air through the structure. A heating inspection includes the following points:

  • Inspection for cracks and wear in heat exchanger
  • Burner cleaning
  • Electrical component testing and replacement as needed
  • Pilot evaluation and cleaning
  • Cleaning of venting equipment
  • Inspection of gas lines
  • Tightening of fittings
  • Cleaning and inspection of blower motor and parts
  • Change Your Air Filter Promptly

Dirty air filters can create air restrictions for your heating equipment, resulting in overheating of your HVAC system during the winter months. Check your filter on a monthly basis to ensure that you identify significant dirt buildup before it can create operating problems. More frequent checks may be appropriate if your system is experiencing unusually heavy activity. A dirty filter can result in between 5 and 15 percent more energy being needed to manage your home comfort needs, making prompt filter changes important for maintaining not only your equipment but also your budget. Save that money for winter celebrations.
Don’t Block Air Registers

A common misconception is that closing registers in some rooms can promote more effective heating in others. However, closed registers can cause your system to be unbalanced and inefficient. For safe and efficient heating, you should close no more than 20 percent of registers to ensure that airflow remains consistent during the heating season.
Program Your Thermostat

Extreme fluctuations in temperature settings can result in stress on your heating equipment. It’s better to maintain a consistent household temperature while regular activities are in progress, dropping settings approximately 8 degrees during times of inactivity. A programmable thermostat allows you to make these changes consistently without having to worry about forgetting. By using 68 degrees as a starting point, you can adapt your settings to your home’s preferences and needs.
Lee’s Air Conditioning Co. is proud to serve the needs of the Lafayette, LA, area, and we are available for your heating repair and maintenance needs throughout the winter. Our team can provide insight related to system problems, and we offer valuable maintenance plans to ensure that you can obtain prompt service even during emergency situations. Call us to learn more.



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