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Indoor air quality (IAQ) remains at the forefront of the HVAC industry to keep residential and commercial buildings healthy, safe, and comfortable. Groundbreaking advances in building science have yielded extraordinary gains in energy efficiency. Some of these efforts have focused on eliminating air infiltration pathways through the exterior of the building. The downside of this approach is that tight homes trap unwanted contaminants in the living area, which contributes to poor IAQ and can lead to a variety of respiratory ailments.

Beware of Sick Building Syndrome

Every day, active families generate a large quantity of indoor air pollutants. This includes hair, dander, pollen, dust, dirt, smoke, and other irritants. This toxic air soup is cycled repeatedly through the HVAC system and deposited throughout the house. Continuous exposure to polluted air can worsen allergies and asthma and could lead to chronic lung disease. The problem of poor indoor air quality has reached epidemic proportions, and the EPA has classified IAQ as one of the top five most pressing environmental hazards.

Contaminated air also negatively impacts HVAC equipment efficiency. Dirt and dust mix with water to form a sticky paste that coats the components inside the evaporator coil. Once this happens, the thermal energy transfer process is degraded, and your air conditioner must work longer and harder. As a result, utility bills escalate, and the unit may break down more often.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Commercial buildings and homes experiencing significant indoor air quality issues can be difficult to diagnose and correct. At Lee’s TemperaturePro, our professional technicians have the training and experience to implement a comprehensive strategy that includes the following elements:

  • Air Purifiers: Central filtration plays a critical role in keeping your home contaminant free. Filters trap harmful particulate matter as it passes through the HVAC system. There are a variety of different filter styles, including pleated, fiberglass, and cabinet models. Most filters are mounted directly in the air handler. Filters are rated according to the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), which calculates the size and quantity of contaminants that are captured by the filter as the air passes through it. Most HVAC contractors recommend installing a filter with a MERV value of at least seven.
  • Ventilators: Mechanical ventilation helps introduce fresh air into the living area while exhausting stale air outdoors. Ventilation devices are calibrated according to ASHRAE Standard 62.2 and deliver the exact amount of fresh air required to keep the indoor environment healthy and safe. Some models even include energy recovery features that capture a portion of the energy lost during the transfer process.
  • Dehumidifiers: When humidity levels in the home rise, the moisture that builds up can cause mold to grow in your home. As mold grows, the spores become an aggravator for allergies and asthma issues. Healthcare professionals recommend keeping indoor humidity between 40% and 50%. For homes whose humidity level exceeds 50%, our HVAC contractors recommend installing central dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers work with your HVAC unit to ensure that the living area in your home stays comfortably at the right humidity level.

Healthy and Fresh Indoor Air

A home with unaddressed IAQ issues can cause a family to experience a variety of unexplained chronic illnesses, including fatigue, malaise, allergies, and asthma. For those in Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding area, Lee’s TemperaturePro will help keep the air in your home healthy, clean, and smelling fresh.



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