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& Heating Preventive Maintenance Plans

If you live near Lafayette, Louisiana, your air conditioner likely operates over 2,000 hours per year. If you drove your car that long, you would go 100,000 miles. You wouldn’t drive your car that many miles without going for an oil change or maintenance check, and HVAC maintenance should be treated the same.

An air conditioner is a complex mechanical unit that needs regular inspections and cleaning to keep it in top operating condition, maximize your comfort, and ensure long-term reliability. In fact, many manufacturers won’t even honor their warranties if a preventive maintenance plan isn’t followed.

HVAC Maintenance: What’s in It for Your Comfort?

HVAC maintenance doesn’t just keep your warranty valid. It also significantly lowers the risk of having a major problem that knocks out your air conditioning or heating for several days while you wait for an available repairman during the most uncomfortable part of the season. Additionally, it lowers your overall costs in three ways:

  • First, getting a repair during busy season is going to be more expensive as opposed to scheduling maintenance during off-peak times when mechanics are willing to provide a discount to fill in their slow times.
  • Second, a sudden repair will almost always be more expensive. A problem that shuts down your AC or significantly decreases its performance probably started as something that could have been fixed with a minor adjustment. Furthermore, one struggling part can often stress other parts and cause additional damage.
  • Third, a system running at less-than-maximum efficiency uses more energy to achieve the same temperature and increases your electricity bill.

Download Our Form for Purchasing A Total Comfort Maintenance Plan Now

Fill out this form with your HVAC equipment information and then call a Lee's TemperaturePro professional to come to your home and inspect your equipment and start your plan.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Total Comfort Memberships are heating and air conditioning maintenance plans that come with a commitment to care for your home comfort needs with a twice-per-year, 78-point inspection of your heating and cooling systems and ductwork.

TC Memberships

  • $165 for the first unit
  • $100 for each additional unit

TC Membership Benefits

  • Free leak check at time of service if required
  • 10 percent off on all parts
  • Never an overtime charge — not even on holidays
  • Priority service over customers without a TC Membership

Contact us today to start your membership and ensure your system stays in top shape year round. If you’d like to wait until your energy bill and major maintenance savings kick in rather than paying in full up front, we offer financing and monthly credit card payments.



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