With the peak of summer upon us, it’s important to remember the value of investing in professional AC maintenance. In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing the benefits and reasons you should invest in professional maintenance for your AC this summer!

The importance of professional maintenance can’t be stressed enough. The blazing heat of South Louisiana can really put a strain on your system, so you should make sure your system is operating at full capacity. Neglecting maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Here are the top reasons why you should be investing in professional maintenance this summer.


1. Major Savings

Nobody likes the shock of opening an energy bill and seeing a huge increase. What if you could save money on your monthly bill without sacrificing comfort? Investing in professional maintenance will help to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

The savings don’t stop there. You also save money by reducing your risk of an AC breakdown. Repairing AC units are usually an unexpected and costly experience. By investing in professional maintenance, you can help to prevent future repairs, saving yourself time and money.

Professional maintenance is needed to ensure that any minor issues noticed will get treated before they become huge problems in need of repair.


2. Enhanced Performance

Even if your AC seems to be sufficiently cooling your home or office, it may be operating inefficiently, causing it to run more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Having the expertise of a professional HVAC technician on your side will help to ensure that your system is both optimized for maximum performance and ready for the hottest temperatures. Professional maintenance also ensures that you are getting the most bang for your buck, and helps to eliminate any uncertainty about your in-home comfort.


3. Prolonged Lifespan

AC units are big investments in our to our homes and businesses, and they require regular maintenance like other big investments, such as your car and your home.

As your AC works over the years, it will naturally accumulate wear and tear. Your AC runs a lot more in the summer, so it’s important to stay on top of maintenance during the hottest parts of the year. This will minimize the risk of experiencing an AC breakdown due to wear and tear.

Having professional maintenance allows for an optimized system, which will run like a well-oiled machine. The less stress that is put on your unit, the longer it will last.


4. Peace of Mind

As your local HVAC professionals, we understand that maintenance is not always a top priority for homeowners. However, investing in a preventive maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is very unlikely to experience an unexpected breakdown.

Being proactive in caring for your AC takes the stress out of the unknown. Most families can’t afford to replace an AC unexpectedly. When you invest in maintenance, you’ll have a good idea of the condition of your unit, allowing you to prepare ahead.


AC Maintenance from Lee’s AC

At Lee’s AC, we want to be there for our customers and the people of Lafayette as much as we possibly can. That means providing quality maintenance plans that bring real value to homeowners and allow them to get the most out of their investment in their AC.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of professional AC maintenance, give us call today to schedule an appointment! (337) 232-5337.