It’s fall, which means that summer has been left behind, and we’re slowly transitioning into winter. Would you want to live in a home that is as cold as it could be outside? Of course not! Check out these 5 tips to help you keep your home comfortable this fall:

1) Move Your Furniture

Moving your furniture may sound like an odd tip for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, but it can help save you money and spread more warmth around the house. Moving your furniture away from vents or radiators allows the flow of heat to move around, which quickly allows that room to warm up faster. It is a simple solution, but it can help significantly.

2) Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance doesn’t just keep your HVAC unit warranty valid; it also significantly lowers your risk of having problems with your heating and cooling system. Through preventative maintenance, HVAC contractors inspect your system twice a year, allowing them to find any potential problems before they lead to a breakdown. Maintaining your HVAC system will allow you to save money in the future and avoid feeling uncomfortable during seasons of extreme weather.

3) Home Air Flow

Unbalanced airflow in your home that can cause a few problems; the first being that certain rooms will not be comfortable to be in. Having unbalanced airflow means that some rooms will be warmer/cooler than others. This increases the energy bill due to the necessity of raising the heat to reach rooms that are colder. To keep costs low and temperatures comfortable, it’s very important to have a balanced airflow in your HVAC system.

4) Qualified Thermostat

Keep an eye on your thermostat because, many times, you might find it setting itself. It may even be a good idea to purchase a programmable thermostat. You can set it during the times it is convenient to have the heat on. When installing a new thermostat in your home, it is important to place it away from any heated or cool areas to keep it consistent. Heating and Cooling services in Lafayette, LA  can point you in the right direction for success, in selecting the perfection location and thermostat for balance in your home.

5) Heat Escape

There have been a few customers who have had their HVAC inspected because the house was still a little cooler – even with the heat on. Keep in mind that your heating system may be just fine, but if your windows or doors are not sealed /closed properly, you run the risk of letting your heat escape and the cold air creep in. After sometime, this can become a very costly dilemma – make sure to check your windows and doors!


HVAC Maintenance in Lafayette, LA

With the seasons changing, it’s a perfect time to call Lee’s to inspect your HVAC and make sure that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature. Call 337-347-8715 to learn more about our heating and cooling service in Lafayette, LA or contact us online!