Indoor air quality is becoming a more serious concern as awareness is raised by entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, which provides information about helpful IAQ solutions for the home environment. The first step for many homeowners is testing the indoor environment for pollutants and problems, which can be provided by an HVAC contractor.

Remove Pollutants with Air Purifiers

Fabrication of homes has become so efficient today that pollutants are often unable to escape through tightly-sealed walls and windows. You may discover that your home is filled with emissions from construction materials, cooking activities, and common office and laundry supplies. A germicidal air purification system is an excellent solution for solid particulates. This type of unit is also designed to trap and kill bacteria, viruses, and mold, which can all be serious sources of health trouble during the year for Louisiana residents.

Ventilation Contributes to Healthier Indoor Air Quality

While air purifiers work on removing solid materials from the air, ventilation equipment is helpful for dealing with gaseous contaminants. Ventilators move air from the home to the outside, and they pull in fresh air from the outdoor setting. A filtration system within a ventilating unit ensures that solid pollutants are kept out. Additionally, humidity management is a part of ventilator engineering. Energy recovery units are also ideal for recapturing heating and cooling energy from the outgoing supply of air.

Humidity and Indoor Air Quality

Your home can be affected by local humidity issues, which can promote mold development in bathrooms and other spaces. Ventilating helps with this. Your air handler can also be affected when air conditioning is not needed. UV lights are helpful for this area as they can kill bio-materials before they infiltrate your breathable air. Additionally, UV lights can be used in your ductwork. Meanwhile, consider dehumidifiers for summer IAQ management.

Expert IAQ Advice

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